May 16, 2016
Property gossip August 2016

You only get one chance to make a great first impression! When it comes to letting your home, attention to detail could be pivotal in securing the best possible rent –quickly.

Most tenants have a good idea of their preferred location, minimum accommodation needs and ideal style of property. Yet it is often presentation that makes the greatest difference. A well-presented property not only looks more attractive, but also suggests that the landlord cares for it. This in itself can attract a more careful tenant.

So here are a few tips that we hope landlords might find useful:

  1. A new coat of paint on the front door gives a great first impression.
  2. Have the carpets professionally cleaned.
  3. Check that the grouting/sealant in the bathroom is not discoloured.
  4. A bottle of wine in the fridge suggests that you will be a welcoming landlord!
  5. Make sure all the lights work and the house is well-lit – even during the day.
  6. Keep the windows sparkling clean, inside and out.
  7. Ensure the garden is tidy, lawn mown, leaves cleared away, beds attractive. Screen off any unsightly areas.
  8. Check and repair any dripping taps, leaking gutters, squeaking hinges, etc.

And if you are currently living in the property you will be renting out:

  1. A tidy property suggests that storage space is not a problem, so make a point of clearing away any unnecessary clothes, toys, magazines, crockery, etc. You never know when you might have a viewing.
  2. Go through your house and donate anything you no longer need to charity.
  3. Avoid hanging too much on the back of doors. Overcrowded hooks prevent doors from opening fully, making rooms look smaller.
  4. Ensure the temperature in your home is comfortable, not too hot and not too cold.
  5. Try not to overload prospective tenants with questions on the viewing, there will be plenty of time to carry out your checks and ask questions once a tenant has decided they want to rent your property and to have you as a landlord.

There are many other things you can do, the best way to go about creating a great first impression is to look at your property through the eyes of a tenant – view your own property and make a list of any negatives.