February 26, 2019

It is widely expected that come the 31st March 2020 the selective licensing scheme operating in Waltham Forest will be extended for a further 5 years. Last year Newham extended their licensing scheme and Redbridge has recently introduced two new licensing schemes of their own, so it’s important for landlords to keep an eye on the changing ever picture within the lettings industry, especially ahead of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill 2017-19, an Act that comes into force on 20 March 2019.

We will cover the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Bill 2017-19 Act another time, but we though landlords might be interested in a quick round-up of some interesting landlord prosecutions, which highlight some of the compliance requirements often overlooked by many landlords and property managers – Click on the subject headings:

Waste Licence

Landlord fined over £1000 for employing a person to dispose of waste without a valid waster carriers licence. You need to ensure contractors have a valid licence when disposing of waste.

HMO Management Regulations

Landlord fined over £5800 for failure to display a management notice, adhere to fire regulations, overcrowding and failing to keep the common areas in good condition.  These regulations apply whether the property is licensable or not.

Japanese Knotweed

A property company prosecuted under anti-social behaviour legislation for allowing a garden to overgrow.

Legionella Risk

This was an appeal by the landlord against a fine of over £400,000 for squalid conditions with one of the charges brought by the council a *missing hot water tank lid* which could have increased the risk of Legionella.  One of the first prosecutions we have seen which directly mentions Legionella.


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