February 13, 2015
Property gossip August 2016

Minimum energy efficiency standards for landlords

Regulations have now been laid in Parliament to require private rental properties to be brought up to a minimum level of energy efficiency from April 1, 2018.

It means the clock is now ticking for such homes to achieve an EPC rating of at least E.


Retaliatory evictions: New government move ‘to have major consequences’

A government amendment due to be debated on Wednesday has major implications for how agents deal with repair requests and how private landlords can take possession of their properties.

The proposed ‘retaliatory eviction’ amendment to the Deregulation Bill would extend existing restrictions on a landlord’s powers to evict where they do not protect a deposit or have a licence where required, to alleged health and safety hazards.

The change could mean a six-month delay on serving a Section 21 notice where a tenant had complained in writing about the state of a property.