October 26, 2016
Making moving home easier

Moving day can be stressful enough, but a bit of forethought can go a long way.  

For example, many people take the opportunity to clear any unwanted junk out of their homes and lives. Charity shops, car boot sales, and friends can be grateful recipients of some items.

Our advice would be to have a clear-out before you put your property on the market. An uncluttered house with tidy cupboards and a clear garage all improve the presentation of your home tremendously, thereby increasing its saleability and possibly its price.

The reduced volume should also bring down your removal costs, or at the very least save you time towards the end of the process, when various other aspects of the move will be demanding your time. You can bring these costs down further by considering if there are any bulky pieces of furniture that you are thinking of having restored. For example, your current sofa might not look right in your next home unless it is recovered. So, if you are moving locally, why not ask the upholsterer to collect the sofa a couple of weeks before moving day and deliver it, re-upholstered, to your new home?  There’s a place on the corner of Colworth Road in Leytonstone called “Classic Upholstery”, so if you need anything like this doing, just give Gabriel a call on 020 8539 6549 or visit his website http://www.classic-upholsterers.co.uk/ 

Do make sure that you plan where larger items are going in advance. It’s easy for the removers to put something like a piano in the right room, but difficult for you to move it elsewhere after they have left.

As well as making sure that a piece fits in a certain place from a measurements perspective, do also consider accessibility e.g. the twists and turns to negotiate within your new home, perhaps some items went in through your front window, but will this be possible at the new home?

Finally, direct the removers to pack everything so that items you will need on the day such as children’s beds, kitchen and bathroom accessories, clothes, food and work-related items are packed last, meaning they are the first things to be unloaded at the other end.   

Remember – planning is the key to a stress-free move. You will benefit from speaking with a professional removals company at the planning stage, even if just to get an idea on the type of services available and the costs involved. You can find more information on our website, with the option of obtaining a free quote – click here http://www.movernet.co.uk/guild/moveme/?iid=381

Decluttering your home isn’t solely related to moving and over the years we all store and hide things away, many of which we will never use again. A good sort through is never a bad idea and whilst searching through your loft, cellar and/or outhouse, you may come across items that are more important than you previously thought e.g. old photos, which can be scanned onto a memory card keeping them safe forever.

If you ever have any questions about moving home, or need any information about the moving process, please get in touch for a quick chat and some free advice.