November 4, 2019
Property gossip August 2016

39,364 new homes were registered to be built across the UK in Q3 2019. This is 4,000 fewer (the equivalent of a 9% fall) on the same period in 2018, albeit that was a record high.

The National House Building Council report private sector registrations fell 16% year on year, while there was an 11% increase in the affordable and rental sector. The latter accounted for 29% of all new build registrations during the quarter.

In comparison, the number of new homes completed rose by 7% to 34,799. 11 out of 12 UK regions experienced a rise, with volumes at their highest in Q3 (quarter three) totals in over a decade in nine of the 12 regions.

To date in 2019, one in every eight properties sold across England and Wales has been a new build, this compares to a long term average of one in 10.