February 27, 2018
Property gossip August 2016

Been thinking of selling your home for a while now but keep putting it off because well… it can be pretty daunting having to keep your home looking its best 24/7 for several weeks while potential buyers call round? So, in order to make your house sell as quickly as possible here’s three top house display tips which are always guaranteed to prove successful:

Quality photography

Yes, the chap – or chap’ess – with the camera needs to know what they are doing. Talent and skill shows. Don’t think you can achieve the same first rate photographic standards via a dash round your home in 10 minutes with your iPhone.

It’s not just about the equipment, but the angle, tone, editing etc. With all potential buyers viewing online these days, the standard of photography has never been higher. You need to catch the attention of buyers; not turn them off with your own amateur offerings.

Potential buyers will only book a viewing to see your property if the photos have initially caught their eye and ‘spoken’ to them. An eye for detail and experience with the camera will help your home that speaks to viewers. It could be a fabulous fireplace, beautiful bathroom or a great garden.

Just make sure that when the photography takes place, there is no clutter lying around to distract from the main point of the photo, and that any pets you have are confined to the garden or a spare bedroom so that they can’t sneakily end up in the photograph.

Prioritise your home’s selling points

Having lived with something for so long it’s easy to overlook it. But that four year old kitchen of your is still fabulous and should be right up there at the top of your ‘best points’ list when you come to list your home on an online portal.

By the same token, you may hate those high ceilings because it makes your home costly to heat, but there could be a potential buyer out there whose main criteria for a home in your area, is a period property with high ceilings in the sense that ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

If the council has regeneration plans for the area – such as building a play park and extending shopping provision – then mention that too. And, if there’s off-road parking, then well, that’s a huge selling point these days.

Don’t rule out the neighbours

Because just about everything is online these days you may be tempted to forgo the traditional ‘For Sale’ sign at the bottom of the garden or, if you’re selling an apartment, at the communal entrance gate/door. But when selling a home the local market is incredibly important – chances are your home will be sold to someone who either lives locally or in a nearby town/city.

So, the potential to alert a drive-by purchaser really can’t be overlooked. It’s also a chance for your neighbours to alert friends or family who they know have been looking to move to the area for ages. So get that For Sale sign today!